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VISTACO s.r.o. is a young and dynamic company offering the highest quality waterproofing. You’re looking for more than a good team to complete a job, you want a team that strives for perfection and delivers it in every project. This is why we are an authorised dealer for RubberCover™ EPDM roof waterproofing, which give you the highest level of protection your roof deserves.

We’re a company you can rely on.

Firestone has been a pioneer and innovator in the field of rubber polymer technology for more than a century. The legacy of the company’s success and innovation has grown into the construction industry through the Firestone Building Products division.

To date, more than 1,500,000,000 m² of roofs have been covered with EPDM membrane, making it one of the world’s largest manufacturers in this segment.

You can even do it yourself

Waterproofing flat roofs with Firestone RubberCoverTM EPDM is easy. With a service life of 50 years, it is among the most durable waterproofing membranes on the market.

It’s the perfect waterproofing material on any kind of small flat roof surface, including those found on family houses, outbuildings, garages, garden houses, balconies, etc.

Installation instructions are simple enough for a DIY installation as well.


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Residential buildings

RubberCover™ EPDM

Ideal for

family houses, shelters, outbuildings, garages, garden houses, balconies…

Commercial and industrial structures

UltraPly™ TPO

Ideal for

shopping centres, manufacturing halls, warehouses, apartment buildings, mixed use buildings…

Applicator to simplify


Helps with

Applying adhesives used in full-coverage bonded systems