VistaBond LIGHT

Adhesive applicator

Applying adhesive to your roof system is a task that requires a lot of time, as well as manual skill and physical fitness from the installer, as it often involves a full day of strenuous activity.

To simplify this process, we developed an adhesive applicator that is custom made to the specifications and packaging of your adhesive.

Applying adhesives to your roof system is one of the most time consuming tasks. We’ve developed an adhesive applicator to simplify process of applying adhesives.

Description of the device

VistaBond Light is a universal applicator developed to efficiently and economically apply adhesive used in fully adhered roofing systems.

It is perfect for bonding EPDM membranes as well as PVC, TPO, and other thermoplastic membranes.

In addition, the universality of this product means it can be also used to apply various paints and top coatings on floors, walkways, and other horizontal surfaces.

It was designed to save you money and time.

Primary advantages


Adhesive is applied directly from OEM packaging / metal cans


Individually adaptable to every type of packaging


A constant flow of the applied material ensures even application


Less mechanics, no pressure vessels, simple gravity feed application


Lightweight design and ergonomic shape with adjustable handle


Application roller changes quickly in a matter of seconds


Easy to move using the PE wheels


No reservoir to clog, no cleaning or maintenance required at the end of the day


Adhesive savings of up to 30%, greater coverage at a lower price


Each unit is hand-assembled with emphasis on the quality of material and workmanship


Quick assembly with quick-release clamps for transport

Affordably priced


The VISTABOND Light applicator is designed to apply adhesives and other coatings from compatible closed containers using gravity, without the need for any pressurised equipment.

Following the instructions on the container with the adhesive / coating, secure it to the applicator and then apply the contents through the pre-perforated openings to the application roller and onto the horizontal surface.

The application roller ensures the adhesive is properly applied to the substrate. It is made of a plastic supporting structure to which carpet felt is attached.

The application roller must be changed regularly to ensure the proper application of the applied product. The service life of a roller depends on the quantity and type of the applied product and the irregularity of the substrate.

A pair of PE wheels installed on a metal shaft in the bottom part of the frame ensures the smooth movement of the applicator over the surface. A handle is inserted into the main frame and it can be removed using nuts and screws with a plastic head to ensure easier storage.

Use the VISTABOND HP perforator to make the simple perforated openings. It consists of two handles, a moving frame and a set consisting of three punching nails with different diameters, which are chosen based on the viscosity of the applied product and the outside temperature. Punching nails are included with VISTABOND HP.


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